chula vista elite athlete training center

chula vista elite athlete training center

CVEATC Teams Up With Turf Tank To Assist With Field Designs

January 23, 2023 – The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center, a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Site, is excited to announce a new partnership with Turf Tank, a robotics company that specializes in revolutionary field painting solutions. Turf Tank ONE is a robotic field painter designed to mark all types of sports fields easier, faster, and more efficiently. With a Turf Tank ONE machine, the only requirement is a five-minute set-up, and then let the robot take care of the painting.

Click on the video above to hear what our Venues Operations Manager, Dave Tabler, and President & COO, Brian Melekian, have to say about our new Turf Tank ONE robot, and how it’s made life easier for everyone here at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center.

About the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center 

The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center opened in 1995 and sits on 155 acres in Chula Vista, San Diego County, with world class athletic facilities, housing and dining. An official United States Olympic and Paralympic Training Site, utilized by athletes who live, train and eat on campus 365 days a year. The training camps, clinics, events and resident programs include over 20 Olympic, Paralympic and emerging sports across all elite levels. Go to to learn more and train where making dreams come true is our passion!

About Turf Tank

Turf Tank understands: line marking can be a challenging task when done manually. You have to put in a lot of hours with a team of several people, pulling strings, doing manual measurements, and pushing the line marking machine.  Despite all your efforts and attention to detail, the job can often end with crooked lines. That is why we created the Turf Tank ONE – your teammate on the field that will make line marking for you easier than ever! Go to to learn more.