chula vista elite athlete training center

chula vista elite athlete training center

U.S. Rowing’s 2023 Under 19 National Team Selection Camp: Nurturing Future Champions at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

By Nick Gasparro

Chula Vista, CA – The pursuit of excellence and the development of young rowing talent are at the heart of U.S. Rowing’s 2023 Under 19 National Team Selection Camp. Held once again at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (CVEATC), this camp serves as a pivotal platform for identifying and honing the skills of promising athletes who dream of representing the United States on the international stage. During their stay at the CVEATC, U.S. Rowing will have access to our boathouse and lake, gym, conference spaces, dining services (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and overnight stay in our dormitories.

Invitations and Competitions:

A total of sixty-seven rowers have received invitations to the 2023 Under 19 National Team selection camp which will run from June 12 – July 20. These talented rowers will compete for coveted spots on the U.S. Rowing Under 19 National Team in three categories: the men’s and women’s four with coxswain, quadruple sculls, and eight.

The ultimate goal for the selected athletes is to represent the United States at the 2023 World Rowing Under 19 Championships, scheduled to take place from August 2nd to 6th in Paris, France. The Under 19 National Team will proudly don the nation’s colors and strive for success against elite international competitors.

Continued Opportunities:

While the Under 19 National Team selection is highly competitive, U.S. Rowing recognizes the potential and dedication of all athletes involved. Those who aren’t selected for the World Championships squad will have the opportunity to continue training for the 2023 CanAmMex team.

The CanAmMex team is a collaboration among the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This annual camp includes a week of intensive training, culminating in a regatta. This year’s regatta will be held on July 14th and 15th in Sarasota, Florida, offering athletes the chance to showcase their skills on a competitive stage.

Coaching Staff:

Leading the charge for the women’s team in Paris will be Caitlin McClain, serving as the women’s head coach. Supporting her efforts are Skye Elliot and Mike Wallin, who will contribute their expertise to ensure the athletes are well-prepared for the challenges ahead.

For the men’s team, Eric Gehrke will take on the role of men’s head coach. Assisting him in guiding the men’s boats to success are Brian de Regt and Mike Wallin.

The CanAmMex coaching team consists of Asiya Mahmud, Kevin Harris, and Matthew Grau, who will work diligently to foster the growth and development of the athletes participating in this collaborative venture.

Selection Process:

The U19 selector responsible for evaluating and identifying the top talent is Nick D’Antoni. Under his guidance, the selection camp aims to identify athletes who possess the necessary skills, determination, and potential to excel at the international level.


The CVEATC would like to congratulate all the athletes that qualified for U.S. Rowing’s 2023 Under 19 National Team Selection Camp and would like to wish them the best of luck as they battle it out for a spot on U.S. Rowing’s Under 19 National Team that will be competing at the 2023 World Rowing Under 19 Championships this August 2-6, in Paris, France.


Athletes invited to U.S. Rowing’s 2023 Under 19 National Team selection camp are listed below:

U19 Women’s Selection Camp Invitees:

Maisy Ballantyne – Marin Rowing Association
Carly Brown – Detroit Boat Club
Joely Cherniss – Marin Rowing Association
Angelina DiPaola – Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club
Isabella Furman – Greenwich Crew
Lizzie Hedeman – Community Rowing, Inc.
Lila Henn – Redwood Scullers
Kennedy Housley – Sarasota Crew
Charlotte Jett – Norcal Crew
Sumner Kerr – River City Crew
Beatrice Knight – Marin Rowing Association
Audrey Leurck – Cincinnati Junior Rowing Club
Ingrid Lofgren – Milwaukee Rowing Club
Rosie Lundberg – Saugatauck Rowing Club
Grace Murphy – Fairmount Rowing Association
Claire Perkoski – Chicago Rowing Foundation
Olivia Petri – Redwood Scullers
Ashley Rohloff – Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer
Ava Schetlick – Virginia Rowing Association
Rebecca Schmidt – Niskayuna Rowing
Brooke Seebeck – Oak Neck Rowing Academy
Sofia Simone – Sarasota Crew
Eleanor Smith – RowAmerica Rye
Rebecca Stelmach – Oakland Strokes
Vienna Sun – Redwood Scullers
Emily Tierney – Blair Academy
Emily Turnbull – Andover Crew
Ella Warden – Whitemarsh Boat Club
Ella Wheeler – Northfield-Mount Hermon
Lindsey Williams – Narragansett Boat Club

U19 Selection Camp Coxswain Invitees:

Aleksandra Belov – Austin Rowing Club
Ella Casano – Saugatuck Rowing Club
Lucy Herrick – Chicago Rowing Foundation
Gabrielle Zammit – Princeton National Rowing Association/Mercer

U19 Men’s Selection Camp Invitees:

Nathan Abrials – Gonzaga High School
Edward Achtner – Molesey Boat Club
Andrew Bittner – Belmont Hill School
Charles Boldt – Indianapolis Rowing Club
Cole Bruen – Albemarle High School
Arturo Castelo – Belen Jesuit Preparatory School
Henry Cooper – Pocock Rowing Club
Rahil Bundon – RowAmerican Rye
Nathan Fineman – Oakland Strokes
Kyle Fox – New Trier High School
Keenan Heinz – Oakland Strokes
Theodore Herzog – Saugatuck Rowing Club
Christian Lawrence – St. Louis Rowing Club
Nicolas Leach – Pacific Rowing Club
Lucas Liow – RowAmerica Rye
Marcus Lorgen – Phillips Exeter Academy
William Mathes – Sarasota Crew
Luke Meisenbach – San Diego Rowing Club
Colton Millar – Sarasota Crew
Ryan Miller – Indianapolis Rowing Club
Tyler Murphy – Orlando Area Rowing Society
William O’Donnell – New Trier High School
Andrew Orio – Wayland-Weston Rowing Association
John Salvi – New Trier High School
Sandro Scalifi – Atlanta Junior Rowing Association
Brady Shanle – Tempe Junior Crew
Leo Shetler – Los Gatos Rowing Club
Noah Silverstein – New Trier High School
Jack Skinner – New Trier High School
Luke Taylor – Middlesex School/Cambridge Boat Club
Cole Thomas – RowAmerican Rye


U19 Selection Camp Coxswain Invitees:

Kannan Alford – New Trier High School
George Bentley – Saugatuck Rowing Club

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