chula vista elite athlete training center

chula vista elite athlete training center

USATF’s Level 3 Program: Elevating Coaching Expertise at Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center

By Nick Gasparro

Chula Vista, CA – From December 27th to December 31st, 2023, the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center played host to the prestigious USATF Level 3 program. This advanced coaching education initiative attracted over 100 participants, each immersed in a transformative 32-hour curriculum aimed at elevating their coaching expertise. The Level 3 program is the pinnacle of the USATF Coaching Education Program, offering comprehensive knowledge and practical experience to master specific event disciplines.

Key Features of the Program:

All participants were afforded an enriching experience with access to overnight stay in dormitories, three daily meals at the Dining Hall, utilization of the Track and Field Complex, and the state-of-the-art Gym facilities. This all-encompassing environment fostered an immersive learning experience, allowing coaches to focus on their event disciplines without any distractions.

The Level 3 Curriculum:

The Level 3 program extends beyond its predecessors, delving into the scientific intricacies of track and field coaching. Over the course of the program, coaches received event-specific instruction and practical guidance from elite coaches and sport scientists. The program covered a range of event disciplines, including Sprints/Hurdles/Relays, Endurance, Jumps, Throws, Combined Events, and Youth Specialization.

Capstone Project and Assessments:

A distinctive feature of the Level 3 program is the capstone project, a year-long endeavor that requires coaches to implement their newfound knowledge. Coaches engaged in various assessments, including a refresher quiz, required readings, discussion posts, live session quizzes, and milestones related to the capstone project. The capstone project, due by August 31st of the following year, serves as a practical application of the acquired skills.

Application Requirements and Benefits:

To qualify for the Level 3 program, coaches must have a minimum of five years of coaching experience in track and field, cross country, or related disciplines. Additionally, they must be the primary coach of a high-potential athlete, possess a Level 2 certificate in the event discipline sought for Level 3, and be a current USATF Coaches Registry Member. The benefits of completing the Level 3 program include recognition as a USATF Level 3 Coach, access to lecture materials from world-renowned sport scientists and elite coaches, and the skills and knowledge to coach athletes at national, international, and podium levels. Coaches also benefit from valuable interaction, networking, and mentoring opportunities with some of the nation’s top coaches.

The USATF Level 3 program at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center provided a unique and enriching experience for track & field coaches seeking to enhance their coaching expertise. By combining theoretical knowledge with practical application and mentorship, the program equipped coaches with the skills necessary to excel in their respective event disciplines at the highest levels of competition.

Fore more information on USATF’s Level 3 program at the CVEATC, follow the link below:

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