chula vista elite athlete training center

chula vista elite athlete training center

Puerto Rico Women’s Soccer Team Gears Up For Inaugural 2024 Women’s Gold Cup

By Nick Gasparro

Chula Vista, CA – From February 10th to February 15th, 2024, the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center (CVEATC) hosted the Puerto Rico Women’s National Soccer Team for an intensive training camp in preparation for the inaugural 2024 Women’s Gold Cup. The camp, attended by 34 athletes and staff members, provided “The Boricuas” with top-tier facilities and resources to refine their skills and build team cohesion.

CVEATC offered The Boricuas access to premier amenities tailored to elite athletes. Throughout their stay, the team enjoyed full access to state-of-the-art soccer fields, a comprehensive strength and conditioning center, and nutritious meals served in the center’s dining hall for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Accommodations were even provided in the center’s dormitories, ensuring a comfortable and focused environment for the athletes.

The primary objective of the training camp was to fine-tune the team’s strategies and performance ahead of the highly anticipated 2024 Women’s Gold Cup. With matches taking place at Dignity Health Sports Park in Los Angeles, CA, and Snapdragon Stadium in San Diego, CA, the Puerto Rican squad aimed to showcase their talent on the international stage.

Notably, this marked the second occasion that “The Boricuas” chose the CVEATC as their preferred training destination. The center’s world-class facilities and supportive environment played a pivotal role in their decision to return, emphasizing the value of the partnership between the Puerto Rico Soccer federation and the CVEATC.

As the Puerto Rican team departed from Chula Vista, they carried with them the experience and preparation gained during their time at CVEATC, poised to make their mark in the inaugural 2024 Women’s Gold Cup. The CVEATC remains committed to supporting elite athletes and teams in their pursuit of excellence, and eagerly anticipates future collaborations with “The Boricuas” and other teams alike.

About the CVEATC

The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center rests on a 155-acre complex adjacent to Lower Otay Reservoir. The Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center has sport venues and support facilities for more than a dozen summer Olympic and Paralympic sports, and cross-training abilities for various winter sports. The CVEATC offers support to athletes including housing, dining, training facilities, local transportation, recreational facilities, athlete services and professional development programs. Typically, elite athletes are selected to train here by their respective sport federation or National Governing Body.