chula vista elite athlete training center

chula vista elite athlete training center

Corban Sweeps USK in Beach Finale: Secures NAIA National Invitational Spot

By Nick Gasparro

Chula Vista, CA – The 2024 Western Grouping NAIA Beach Volleyball Qualifying Tournament concluded in a thrilling showdown at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center. The event, featuring a lineup of formidable universities, showcased the fierce competition and determination of the participating teams.

Among the participating universities were Southern Oregon University, College of Idaho, Bushnell University, Westcliff University, Park University, University of St. Katherine, Corban University, and Benedictine University. These teams brought their A-game to the sand, each vying for a coveted spot in the NAIA National Invitational.

In a spectacular display of skill and resilience, Corban University emerged victorious, clinching the tournament crown and securing the automatic bid to the NAIA National Invitational. This triumph marked Corban’s third appearance in the championship match of the postseason qualifier, finally overcoming past setbacks to claim the title.

Ranked No. 2 in the NAIA, Corban’s journey to the championship match had been fraught with challenges. In previous years, the Warriors had reached the final stage only to be bested by Westcliff University. However, fueled by their determination and unwavering resolve, Corban rose to the occasion, delivering a flawless performance to secure their spot in the national spotlight.

Their victory not only signifies their prowess on the beach volleyball court but also sets the stage for an exciting showdown at the NAIA National Invitational. Scheduled to take place at the Greenville Beach Volleyball Complex in Greenville, Tenn., from April 25-27, the tournament promises to be a thrilling showcase of talent and skill from across the nation.

For University of St. Katherine (USK), the journey doesn’t end here. Despite falling short in the championship match, USK’s impressive season record of 14-9 speaks volumes about their competitive spirit and dedication. As they await the announcement of at-large bids to the national invitational, USK remains hopeful for another opportunity to showcase their talent on the national stage.

As the dust settles on the Western Grouping Beach Volleyball NAIA Qualifying Tournament, one thing is clear: the passion and dedication of these student-athletes continue to inspire and captivate audiences nationwide. Congratulations to Corban University on their well-deserved victory, and best of luck to all teams as they prepare for the next chapter in their volleyball journey.


Thursday, April 11 – POOL PLAY


Corban 5, Benedictine Mesa 0

Saint Katherine 5, College of Idaho 0

Corban 4, College of Idaho 1

Saint Katherine 4, Benedictine Mesa 1


Westcliff 3, Bushnell 2

Southern Oregon 5, Park-Gilbert 0

Westcliff 4, Park-Gilbert 1

Southern Oregon 4, Bushnell 1

Friday, April 12 – POOL PLAY

Corban 4, Saint Katherine 1

Westcliff 3, Southern Oregon 2

College of Idaho 5, Benedictine Mesa 0

Park-Gilbert 3, Bushnell 2


Corban 3, Southern Oregon 2

Saint Katherine 4, Westcliff 1

Saturday, April 13 – CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH

Corban 3, Saint Katherine 0